iREAL White Paper

In preparation for FIU’s next strategic plan, this white paper was produced by the iREAL Commission, formed by President Mark B. Rosenberg in the Fall of 2013. The paper was not only informed by the 10 Commissioners, but their working groups of faculty, staff, students and community stakeholders. I want to thank that working group of over 100 individuals, my College of Arts & Sciences staff, as well as my fellow Deans and VPs for their time and guidance throughout this process. I also want to thank all those that participated in the Town Hall on March 7th and those that sent the Commissioners edits directly. You all made it a better paper.

I look forward to working with the strategic planning committee over the next several months to chart a course for FIU from 2015-2020.



Kenneth G. Furton,
Provost and iREAL Commission Chair