Commissioner participants

Commissioner areas based on President’s ten questions and additional areas developed and list of appointed commissioners, staffer from CAS and working group members as of 11-20-2013.

1. What are the major drivers of change, now and in the foreseeable future, in the delivery of educational services, and how will they likely impact FIU and our predominantly minority and non-traditional (working) students who have been shown to have a greater need for high-touch educational experiences? Becoming more student centered, improving teaching, expanding evidence-based learning, LA program, flipped classrooms, etc.

1. Connie Boronat staffed by Liz Greb
2. Leslie Richardson
3. Jeanette Cruz
4. Alexandra Quadra
5. Eric Brewe
6. Shekhar Bhansali
7. Leanne Wells
8. Ive Barreiros
9. Julian Edward
10. Norma Goonen
11. Elianis Nieves

2. What are the major drivers of change in the assessment of learning (i.e., prior learning and competency-based assessment) at the university level, and how will they impact FIU? For instance, the recently passed HB7029 requires the Board of Governors to develop rules to enable students to obtain university credit for online courses, including MOOCs, taken before they enroll in a SUS institution.

1. Elizabeth Bejar staffed by Jenn Gebelein
2. Janie Valdes
3. Susan Himburg
4. Rosa Chang
5. Bridgette Cram
6. Ida Rodriguez
7. Barbara Manzano
8. Nancy Colon
9. Susan Clemmons
10. Matt Hagood

3. How will new modalities of education impact the six-year graduation rate of our first-time-in-college students, the primary performance funding indicator used by the Board of Governors?

1. Kathleen Wilson staffed by Valerie Johnsen
2. Adam Drisin
3. Jamie Sutton
4. Alan Gumerson
5. Christine Dundas
6. Bruno Phanord
7. Katherine Perez
8. Danilo LeSante
9. Adam Owenz
10. Diana Ashley
11. Enrique Villamor

4. The American public research university is built upon instructional revenues providing the salary support for faculty to pursue their research. How can the research university survive if the focus is on providing validation of individual learning in ways that are “less expensive than ever before”? Increasing research & PhD production

1. Ken Furton together with Meredith Newman
2. Lidia Kos
3. Maureen Pelham
4. Ranu Jung
5. Shahed Al-Tammar
6. Dale Williams
7. Peter Hernandez
8. David Chatfield
9. Nancy Borkowski
10. Fu Zhou

5. What alternative scenarios of institutional change should we consider, and what are the pros and cons as well as the costs of the initiatives proposed? e.g. Smaller and more focused could improve our national rankings but reduce our local impact Being a leader in sustainability; Improving athletics

1. Jerry Cohen staffed by Emily Gresham
2. Mike Heithaus
3. Christopher Bultnick
4. Stuart Kennedy
5. Mariel Acosta-Garcia
6. Aime Martinez
7. Karen Fuller
8. Medjy Pierre-Louis
9. Sara Lipman
10. Peter Campbell

6. How can faculty, staff, students, and the community be thoroughly engaged with changes that are proposed? e.g. continuous use of social media and open forums with live polls for suggestions and feedback. Becoming more community engaged; maintaining a life-long relationship with graduates

1. Pablo Haspel staffed by Gisela Casines
2. Duane Wiles
3. Amy Woltman
4. Amanda Garcia
5. Teresa Ponte
6. Lori-Ann Cox
7. Michelle Mason
8. Luis Bolanos
9. Lauryl Collins

7. How will FIU respond to, and benefit from, the changes in the global educational market? Expanding overseas educational activities

1. Mihaela Plugarasu staffed by John Stack
2. Mahfoud Oubadji
3. Christine Toguchi
4. Steve Luther
5. Hilary Landorf
6. Mercedes Ponce
7. Rocco Angelo
8. Eunju Suh
9. Sharon Spaltenstein
10. Bill Bullard

8. How do we balance the pressure to deliver inexpensive degrees with the need to maintain a high quality product that represents excellent value to our students and maintains FIU’s trusted brand status? Expanding access to online and hybrid classes and programs; Improving graduation rates

1. Carlos Becerra staffed by Jo Adkins
2. Joyce Elam
3. Diane Singh
4. Francisco Valines
5. Laura Padron
6. Valerie Patterson
7. JC Espinosa
8. Philip Koenig
9. John Stuart /Faquiry Diaz
10. Javier Rodriguez
11. Gabriel Albelo

9. How can we best harness the innate entrepreneurial spirit of our students, staff, faculty, and alumni? Business rep? Expanding and diversifying income streams.

1. Christina Jardim staffed by Mike Maunder
2. Seema Pissaris
3. William Trueb
4. Dileep Rao
5. Rafael A. Paz
6. Elizabeth Rockowitz
7. Tina Vidal
8. Francisco Mora
9. Yanfei Zhang

10. How can we get maximum benefit from FIU’s growing health related initiatives that include building on existing FIU expertise and demonstrating value to our university, South Florida, and global constituencies?

1. Yogi Hernandez staffed by Suzanna Rose
2. Bill Pelham
3. Henry Henao
4. Monica Hough
5. Monica Chiarini-Tremblay
6. Eneida Roldan
7. Jessica Robb
8. Simone Morgan
9. Angela Laird
10. Pedro Greer
11. Yukching Tse Dinh